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With everything going on in the world right now, our pets are just as affected as we are. Not only have their routines been impacted, but they can actually pick up on their owners’ stress as well. If your pet is anxious or acting out more than normal, here are 3 ways to keep them calm:


#1 Try hemp to deal with extra anxiety.

Pets may have higher levels of anxiety than normal right now. Swapping out their normal treats for ones that contain hemp extract can help them relax. We make peanut butter hemp treats called Chill Bites. For more anxious pets, we also sell pet tinctures called Chill Sauce. Like our human tinctures, they contain food-grade hemp extract; however, the dropper is made of plastic instead of glass to reduce the danger of breaking if your pet knocks it out of your hand. 


#2 Stick to their normal schedule as much as possible.

Our pets’ routines have already been turned upside down. The best way to help them adapt is to maintain whatever constants you can for them. If you normally feed your pet when you get home from work, wait until the same time of day to feed them now. Changing their eating schedule could confuse them and throw off their circadian rhythm, which may cause them to keep you up at night.


#3 Set aside time each day to give them your undivided attention.

If your pet is used to going on walks or playing in parks where they normally interact with other animals and people, being stuck at home may make them feel lonely or bored. Make sure you find time to play with them. Lack of exercise and attention can cause them to act out. The Humane Society has published a list of creative ways to keep your dog occupied at home during quarantine!